Let’s start with a re-boot

What better way to start this new blogging/vlogging venture than with a new beginning…

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve had this website registered and just sitting around for a couple of years now.
For whatever reason it’s something that I’ve not put into full swing, until now.
Lot’s of things have happened to me over the last year, good and bad, but here we are in October 2018 and it feels like a bit of a “re-boot” and an ideal time to get moving with this blog.

May was a tough time, as my legend of a guide dog Brett left us after what could only be described as a magical partnership of over 10 years.
He really was one of the contributing factors in getting me to where I am now and was a constant, steering force, always by my side.
I miss him terribly, but now, rather excitedly as part of my “re-boot” I’ve got a new potential partner in crime arriving on my doorstep.

Austin, for that is the new handsome devil that I’ve been matched with, will be coming down for a test walk and bonding meeting next week.
This has understandably brought up lots of memories of Brett and our time together and some concerns over what it will trigger in me when faced with his replacement.

I’ve been told that there is a temptation for a guide dog owner to compare their new assistant with their old faithful one.
This can of course prove to be a recipe for disaster and really not helpful in contributing to a strong working relationship.

I’m going to try and not fall into the comparison trap, constantly thinking “well, Brett never did that”” or feelings of resentment towards Austin if he doesn’t quite match up to the incredibly high standards set by him.
I guess it’s a bit like that moment when you jump into bed with a new partner and although try as you might, the subconscious is niggling away saying “well, my ex never used to do that!”.
Both situations are going to require just being in the moment, not over thinking things and simply enjoying the ride!

There seems to be a natural symmetry here, as my last foray into the blogging world was to document my life with my first hairy beast and now, here we are again.
You can check out what happened to me and the B-boy (until I got bored/distracted of writing a blog) over at it’s a guide dog’s life.

I am however, excited about starting the documenting process again, capturing a journey with a new dog and other aspects of my re-booted life, I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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